At RDO Ministry Consulting my mission is to develop relevant and enriching programs that emerge from curious, reflective, and prayerful connection.

I have turned into a bit of a free lance minister.  I work with people to explore their own spirituality, their values, and their hopes and dreams and to create rituals, retreats, and more that reflect their own experiences of what is holy.

 Spirituality and religious practice thrive in rootedness and complexity.  Knowing our spiritual lives must be integrated with the mundane realities of ordinary days, RDO Consulting, works to support individuals and religious and spiritual communities make space for spirituality in real life.  

 RDO will get to know your community, your needs, and your values.  From there we will outline a plan to achieve your vision.  

More about Me

Rachel Doll O’Mahoney founded RDO Consulting to bring together opportunities for presentations, retreat planning , and ministry program development under one roof.   Rachel works with engaged couples to help plan their wedding ritual. Dying folks to help them envision the funeral they want.  Works with groups to bring to life the day of rest and retreat they need.  Having worked in ministry since college, Rachel recently served as Campus Minister for Faith Formation at Seattle University, specializing in sacramental preparation, Catholic student engagement,  and leadership. Prior to that she was the Director of Campus Ministry at Archbishop Murphy High School in Everett, Washington. She has led social justice and interfaith ministry at Assumption College in Massachusetts and at Rivier College in New Hampshire.  

Rachel is a graduate of Weston Jesuit School of Theology (now Boston College School of Theology and Ministry) where she earned a Masters in Theological Studies.  Her undergraduate work was at Quincy University (BA in Theology and Franciscan Studies). Her earliest professional ministry experience in prison chaplaincy shaped her perspective towards justice, advocacy, and deep trust in the work of the Holy Spirit.  

Having worked with community leaders, parents, young adults, disenfranchised Catholics, teens, Muslims, incarcerated women, LGBTQIA Folx and more Rachel delights in working with people from varieties of faiths and spiritual practices.   Rooted in the rich and vibrant history of Catholicism, she is intensely creative, impassioned by new ideas, and seeks to foster a spirit of curiosity in all her work and ministry.

Rachel possesses gifts of dynamic preaching, exploring complex ideas about theology or doctrine in approachable and accessible ways, and in bold creative thinking.  Her pastoral skills are rooted in a vision of God’s accompanying presence and the hard work of letting God turn life’s messes into the fodder for wisdom and growth.

Rachel and her spouse delight in marriage and the parenting of their three (now 4 but we don’t have a picture of all of us) children.  In attempting the challenges of simple living, living justly, and balancing the chaos and wonderfulness of daily life she finds the presence of God all around.  She has a garden, a beehive, a frequently used sewing machine, and a love of simple walks, and poetry. 

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