Spiritual Direction

Curious, reflective and prayerful

companionship in your spiritual journey

Spiritual Direction provides a space to share about your spirituality, discern your place in things, and be companioned. 

Spiritual direction is for anyone who is a spiritual seeker or meaning maker. It can be helpful for those who are deconstructing a religious worldview and reconstructing a new one.

In spiritual direction I will

Listen to you.

Support you.

Discern alongside you.

Offer feedback when appropriate.

Call you out/in when I notice white supremacy and racism

Honor your reconstruction and deconstruction

Examine with a lens of justice.

Pray for you if you desire.


In person or online.  

Payments are on a  sliding scale but my usual rate is $50, and less for people of color. 

Our first meeting is a no cost get to know you.

Monthly meetings for an hour

Available during the day, evenings and weekend.

If you are interested in spiritual direction please contact me here.

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