Spiritual Direction

Curious, reflective and prayerful

companionship in your spiritual journey

Spiritual Direction provides a space to share about your spirituality, discern your place in things, and be companioned. 

Parenting in particular offers one of the most challenging and rewarding opportunities for spiritual growth.  Allow me to accompany you as you make meaning and grow.

In spiritual direction I will

Listen to you.

Support you.

Discern alongside you.

Offer feedback when appropriate.

Examine with a lens of justice.

Pray for you if you desire.


In person or online.  

Payments are on a  sliding scale but my usual rate is $50, and less for people of color. 

Our first meeting is a no cost get to know you.

Monthly meetings for an hour

Available during the day, evenings and weekend.

If you are interested in spiritual direction please contact me here.

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